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注册或登录,即表示同意和接受本站 免责条款法律声明 。 ©Copyright 2018. CISALL Team 麦研品牌策划(上海)有限公司 版权所有

Legal statement
EN底部 | 法律声明 | 来源: 2019/01/10 阅读:15470

Copyright notice

Shanghai RENLE Science & Technology Co., Ltd.. independently owns or jointly owns the copyright and other related intellectual property rights of the relevant content (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video materials, advertisements, domain names, programs, column directories and names, content classification standards and page design, layout, software, etc.) in this website.

Unless otherwise provided by Chinese law, without the written permission of Shanghai RENLE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. no one is allowed to copy or mirror or use in any other way any content of copyright or other intellectual property rights owned by Shanghai RENLE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. on the server not owned by Shanghai RENLE Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; for trademarks No one is allowed to use it without permission.

For works published through this website, this website is authorized by the copyright owner to prohibit any media, website or individual from reprinting without written authorization.

In case of violation of the above statement, Shanghai RENLE Science & Technology Co., Ltd. will investigate its legal liability according to law.

Description of rights protection

1、 If any unit or individual finds that the use of network services by network users infringes their legitimate rights and interests, they need the assistance of this website. Please put forward the description of rights protection to this website according to the following requirements. After receiving the letter, this website will actively cooperate in handling:

1. Proof of ownership of trademark, copyright or other legal rights of the obligee for the suspected infringing content, and provide relevant evidence;

2. Please provide the location of the suspected infringing content on the website (i.e. the website address or the location within the website) so that we can promptly investigate and handle it, and actively contact the relevant suspected infringer to communicate with you.

3. Please provide the specific contact information of the obligee, including name, ID card or passport copy (for natural person), unit registration certificate copy (for unit), correspondence address, telephone number, fax and email address.

4. The obligee is requested to confirm the following statement in the statement of right protection:

(1) The obligee is the legal obligee of the complaint;

(2) The relevant content posted on the website infringes my corresponding legal rights and interests.

(3) I confirm that I will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom if the statement of protection of this right is not completely true. "

2、 In order to prevent the situation from becoming serious, the website can remove or delete the above-mentioned relevant content or link according to the requirements of the obligee and the preliminary investigation results. The content provider of the removed content or the owner or manager of the website with the removed link can send the statement on the protection of the rights of the removed content not infringing the copyright or other legitimate rights and interests to the website according to law. Refer to the above requirements for the description of rights protection.

3、 If the website maintenance personnel use the relevant text, pictures, audio, video materials and other materials to infringe your relevant rights during the maintenance of the website, please inform us in time by email at kwcis@sina.com; we will protect your legitimate rights and interests in time, and delete any copyrighted works about you in time.

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